Dec 2, 2009

Money Making Gadgets

Although not strictly what I intended to write about, FapTurbo is definitely a gadget. The only difference is that this gadget makes you money instead of costing you money.

FapTurbo is a set-up-and-forget Forex trading robot that really does deliver. In an online world that promises huge returns I have tried many schemes and business opportunities only to be scammed over and over again. That is until I found FapTurbo.

I am still very new to the system and I am still running a dummy account until I scratch together enough cents (or sense) to open a decent sized account but so far it is definitely showing returns. FapTurbo was easy to download and install and although there are many variables that you can tweak to best suit your personal trading style I opted to leave the settings as is. I like to think that FapTurbo will provide me with many years of sound and profitable trading. It would be nice if it got to the stage where it provided me with a good income (so that I can buy some of these toys I write about) but I personally look forward to it providing me with an early and fruitful retirement.

If you are interested in more information about the Fapturbo Forex trading robot visit their website by clicking this link:

Dec 1, 2009

Water Sport Gadgets

As far as water based gadgets and boys toys go, this baby is high on my list of must haves. It's more affordable than a jet ski or a boat, you can launch it by yourself and you don't need a trailer.

The Powerski jetboard is, in essence, a motorized surfboard. Equipped with a 45hp engine that will propel you along at 40kph the powerski is a serious toy. Imagine powering yourself out to back line and being able to catch every single wave, big or small, while the surfers wait for the perfect wave. No paddling out after each wave. No sitting on the beach waiting for the swell to pick up.
You and your jetboard can get to outer breaks with ease and breaks that are inaccessible to most surfers.
You can also have just as much fun when there are no waves or on a river or a dam.

The Powerski jetboard is definitely a big boys toy and can accommodate riders who weigh in at more than 100kg. According to the manufacturers it's easy to ride and novices will be riding in no time. Anybody with wakeboard, snowboard or surfing experience will be carving from the get go. There are distributors all over the globe. Visit their website for more information

Nov 6, 2009

Gaming Simulators continued

Another simulator worth more than just a mere mention is the awesome brainchild of Force Dynamics. Looking more like something from a sci-fi movie than a race car, this beast will knock your socks off. Featuring roll, pitch, heave and yaw you really need to strap yourself in. In fact the machine won’t run unless you are buckled up.

The newer 401 model even includes 180 degrees of rotation to give you a frighteningly real feeling of slide when the back end of the car gets away from you.
When you watch the video you may think that the motion is overdone. It pitches violently forward under heavy braking (far more than a real car would) but the screen moves with you and as such the pitching forward tricks your brain into thinking it’s the G forces of the braking. It’s brilliantly clever and as real as it gets.

The beauty of this system is that it can be used for a multitude of simulations including Microsoft flight simulator so you’re not tied down to just racing cars. The system also takes full advantage of the modding community and because of this there is no shortage of cars or tracks to tear around on.

Over all I can’t think of a better boy’s toy to have around the house but be advised. If you have had too much to drink or stuffed yourself with burgers and shakes, you’re going to lose your lunch.
Just watching the 401 video makes me giddy with excitement and quite frankly I don’t care how much it costs. It’s worth every penny. Check out their website here: Force Dynamics

Nov 4, 2009

Gaming Simulators

Next on the list of favorite gadgets and boys toys are high tech gaming simulators. It’s a bit like having your own race car at home. Dubbed more as a professional training aid than a gaming system this puppy has all the whistles and bells (and it looks great too. Download one of their PDF ads here.

The VirtualGT personal racing simulator is a serious bit of hardware. Packing sound levels of 100dB+ with 500 Watts of power delivered to 4 satellite speakers, 1 sub-woofer, and 4 vibration transducers, VGT recreates the insane sound and vibration of a high powered race car. The result is total immersion and a sense of speed that could make your eyes bleed.
VirtualGT's new high-fidelity motion system offers the most authentic racing simulation available at any price. The system installs easily under any VirtualGT unit and provides the driver with precise, authentic motion and ultimate control. Developed and tuned by engineers and pro drivers at D-BOX, it blends perfectly with the VGTs high-fidelity audio and vibration systems.

The software recreates the entire FIA GTR series in Europe and includes all the great tracks such as Spa, Monza, Nurenburgring, and Barcelona. The cars included so far are: Ferrari 360, 550, 575, Porsche GT2 and GT3, Corvette C5R, Viper, Lister Storm, Mosler and Saleen S7.

At over $22 000 for the top of the range package including an 82 inch projection unit and another $14 000 for the motion controllers this gear is not easy on the pocket, but hey, what’s the point of earning it if you can’t spend it.
Each VirtualGT is made just like a custom car. Units are hand-built to order on a first-come, first-served basis. Delivery runs about 60 - 90 days after receipt of your order. Check out their website for more info.

Nov 3, 2009

Gaming Gadgets

Trying to cover your typical gaming machines is a waste of time. By the time you read this it will already be old hat and a new mega machine will have been born (only to be replaced the next month once again). Instead we’ll cover the unusual and generally unobtainable so get ready to strap on some serious hardware and take the ride of your gaming life.
For the old school gamers there is X-arcade. This stand up style arcade machine comes preloaded with 205 classic games and can be hooked up to virtually any new console, PC or Mac so that you can enjoy your new games too. This machine would be a wicked addition to your games room or dorm and according to the manufacturers is virtually bullet proof (but don’t shoot at it OK!).

The Ultimate Arcade Joystick
X-Arcade. Award Winning Arcade Joystick
Lets You Play Any Game On Any System

It’s available from their website and retails at around $2099. Not a bad price when you consider that you can play such a huge number of games on it and that you’ll never break another TV by accidentally throwing your Wii controller at it (it’s bullet proof remember). It also features a massive 27 inch highest industrial grade Wells Gardner 9800 mame monitor and surround speakers with sub-woofer, so this is one serious toy.

Gadgets and Boys Toys.

If you like gadgets and boys toys you are in the right place. I’ve read many a blog on the subject and although some are excellent, none cover the vast array of money no object things that I would love to own.
To review them all is going to be an arduous journey, so sit back, join this blog and enjoy the adventure into the world of I’ve got to have one of those.
To cover each subject matter, from hi tech to low tech and from possibly affordable to Tiger Woods type wealth each post will cover a different object of desire. You’ll find cars, bikes, ultimate gaming gear, mobile phones, sporting equipment and water craft. If there is a subject matter you would like covering let me know but be patient, we have a lot of ground to cover.
In the next post we’ll take a look at some gaming gear. As an avid gamer there is a ton of stuff that would fit very nicely in my office but because there are so many desirably gaming gadgets there will be more than one post on this subject. Again, feel free to let me know about the bits and bobs you have discovered as I’m sure I have only scratched the surface.