Nov 3, 2009

Gaming Gadgets

Trying to cover your typical gaming machines is a waste of time. By the time you read this it will already be old hat and a new mega machine will have been born (only to be replaced the next month once again). Instead we’ll cover the unusual and generally unobtainable so get ready to strap on some serious hardware and take the ride of your gaming life.
For the old school gamers there is X-arcade. This stand up style arcade machine comes preloaded with 205 classic games and can be hooked up to virtually any new console, PC or Mac so that you can enjoy your new games too. This machine would be a wicked addition to your games room or dorm and according to the manufacturers is virtually bullet proof (but don’t shoot at it OK!).

The Ultimate Arcade Joystick
X-Arcade. Award Winning Arcade Joystick
Lets You Play Any Game On Any System

It’s available from their website and retails at around $2099. Not a bad price when you consider that you can play such a huge number of games on it and that you’ll never break another TV by accidentally throwing your Wii controller at it (it’s bullet proof remember). It also features a massive 27 inch highest industrial grade Wells Gardner 9800 mame monitor and surround speakers with sub-woofer, so this is one serious toy.

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