Nov 4, 2009

Gaming Simulators

Next on the list of favorite gadgets and boys toys are high tech gaming simulators. It’s a bit like having your own race car at home. Dubbed more as a professional training aid than a gaming system this puppy has all the whistles and bells (and it looks great too. Download one of their PDF ads here.

The VirtualGT personal racing simulator is a serious bit of hardware. Packing sound levels of 100dB+ with 500 Watts of power delivered to 4 satellite speakers, 1 sub-woofer, and 4 vibration transducers, VGT recreates the insane sound and vibration of a high powered race car. The result is total immersion and a sense of speed that could make your eyes bleed.
VirtualGT's new high-fidelity motion system offers the most authentic racing simulation available at any price. The system installs easily under any VirtualGT unit and provides the driver with precise, authentic motion and ultimate control. Developed and tuned by engineers and pro drivers at D-BOX, it blends perfectly with the VGTs high-fidelity audio and vibration systems.

The software recreates the entire FIA GTR series in Europe and includes all the great tracks such as Spa, Monza, Nurenburgring, and Barcelona. The cars included so far are: Ferrari 360, 550, 575, Porsche GT2 and GT3, Corvette C5R, Viper, Lister Storm, Mosler and Saleen S7.

At over $22 000 for the top of the range package including an 82 inch projection unit and another $14 000 for the motion controllers this gear is not easy on the pocket, but hey, what’s the point of earning it if you can’t spend it.
Each VirtualGT is made just like a custom car. Units are hand-built to order on a first-come, first-served basis. Delivery runs about 60 - 90 days after receipt of your order. Check out their website for more info.

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